Boat Remediation

ASD Environmental can help you with all of your needs. From boats and yachts to RV’s and campers. Mold requires moisture to survive and grow, and boats and RV’s are the perfect home for them! The main concern is not only getting rid of the mold but controlling and creating a moisture-free environment.


Mold, mildew and the odor they create can be a problem even on boats/yachts that appear to be clean and well ventilated. This is because, apart from the visible areas in a boat’s cabin, there are many areas that offer the dark, moist environment that these fungi crave. Think under quarter berths, v-berths, settees, hanging lockers, lazarettes, under cockpit seats, chain lockers, and a host of other hidden areas, many of which are barely accessible, if at all.


RVs are especially good incubators for these spores since they are frequently closed up and stored for long periods of time. When an RV is stored, moisture can get trapped inside the RV and help to feed the mold growth.Stored RVs aren’t the only problem though. If there is a leaky pipe somewhere in your RV, or there is a leak in the roof, that can also lead to mold problems.