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Some Common Questions

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

1. Why our team?

Our products are environmentally safe and USDA approved. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic. We are also knowledgeable, honest, and affordable. We put our full attention on your property and ensure proper execution.

2. What is Mold Remediation?

Remediation is the process of cleaning the mold and eliminating the moisture problem. This process is determined by the size of the remediation and whether occupants are experiencing any adverse symptoms that may be related to the mold. Since mold destroys the surface materials it is on, remediation can preserve the structural integrity of the building. Failure to address a mold problem, ultimately can result in high replacement and rebuild costs.

3. How do we test?

The investigator will take samples that may include viable/non viable samples, air testing, surface testing and bacterial/water sampling to determine the type of toxin. The sample results will be reviewed by the client. In addition post remediation samples will be taken and compared with the outdoor air samples to determine the sufficiency of the remediation. Results should show that indoor air levels have been reduced to outdoor air levels or less.

4. How do I set it up quickly?

We set up appointments immediately upon a request.

5. Can it be removed?

Mold is a moisture problem. The only way to eliminate mold is to locate and remove the source of the moisture problem. It is absolutely necessary to fix the source of the moisture problem.

Want to know more?

We are available to answer your questions and to act fast. We have consultations available to help secure your property, and most importantly your families health and safety.