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Why Choose ASD Environmental?

We are quick and effective with our remediation process that will kill the mold and retards its regrowth

We will ensure the elimination of the moisture problem or the underlying cause.

We are educated, experienced, and fully trained mold experts.

We can protect other areas of your home from mold via partitioning, safety measures and thorough inspections.

Crawlspace Remediation

Crawlspace remediation is the process of cleaning the mold and eliminating the moisture problem.Read More

Mold Remediation

Mold can be found in hard to see areas such as beneath flooring, Insulation between walls, roofs or ceiling with leaks.
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Environmental Testing

Only a certified Mold Inspector can properly identify early signs of mold and other pollutants in your home.
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Other Services

Duct Cleaning
Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel
Wood Restoration
Stone Restoration

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Services We Offer But Not Limited to:

Testing – See Tabs for more Info

Crawlspace Remediation

Interior Remediation

HVAC Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Boat/Yacht Remediation

Camper/RV Remediation

Interior Remodel/Updating

Exterior Remodel/Updating


Handy Man Services

We Are Also Proud Members of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Meaning that you can use us with confidence. IAQA helps us create accessible, high quality, educational knowledge for our future customers. We have also been screened and approved through Home Advisor for the past 5+ years. Which confirms we are licensed, insured and back-ground checked, giving homeowners and bussiness owners peace of mind. Please see our badges below.

Our President

Scott is the founder and owner of ASD Evironmental. When he began the business in 2002 he was and always has been committed to providing reasonable prices with an emphasis on quality service and honesty.


Scott and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. I have dealt with homes in other states that had mold, so I’m very familiar with how the whole process goes when it’s done correctly. I was happy to get test results back in a timely manner, and the remediation process was very thorough. I highly recommend them, and won’t hesitate to use them again should the need arise. I will always have them test and inspect any new home I’m considering buying.
Pam Patton
Pam Patton
I’m so thankful for ASD and their crew. During the hurricane last year, when our downstairs was flooded and we were out of town, they came over and took care of all the water damage. They were very punctual and thorough in ensuring mold didn’t set in. I’m very grateful for this company!
Melissa Hunter
Melissa Hunter
This company was so helpful in finding the source of our mold issue and not only removing the mold but also fixing the source of the problem. Highly recommend them
Jolie Mueller
Jolie Mueller
Excellent service, they were booked, so the owner came the next day to do the mold inspection for us. Rebecca, Signarama
Rebecca K.
Rebecca K.
Great people with nice employees is how I can sum up this business if you want a good mold emendation company choose ASD.
Olivia D'Anci
Olivia D'Anci
I am so pleased to have given my trust to Scott and his team for mold remediation! The work has been completed in a smooth and efficient manner and done with great care! I discovered mold on the garage ceiling the day I was leaving to New York City! I contacted ASD after checking their great reviews and I could not be happier. Everything was done mostly in my absence, and when I came back I was impressed by the dedication Scott gave to the problem that arose from a roof leak. Not only did he find the root of the problem - and deal with the "builder" in order to fix the leak - and completed the mold remediation with great expertise, having to come back several times until the leak was fully fixed, but he and his team also inspected the bedroom that was above and changed all the AC filters/cleaned the AC ducts to ensure good air quality in the house. The mold we had discovered was the cause of a very bad allergy my little dogs were suffering from, including bronchitis, and Scott obviously loves animals. He also advised me to throw away some pet beds that could have mold spores on them. It is a real pleasure to deal with Scott. He answered my text messages right away and found solutions to everything. He even installed a dehumidifier in the garage. All in my absence! Everything was based on mutual trust. This is the best Company I have dealt with! You can trust ASD and leave your keys. You will find the house in a perfect order and in a great shape! Again, I feel blessed to have put my house under Scott's care!
Sylvie P.M.
Sylvie P.M.